December 30, 2011

Ministry update and Merry Christmas from the Dumitrascu's!

As we are getting close to celebrating Christmas once again, let's remember the words of Matthew concluding the record of our Saviour's birth: "All of this took place that it might be fulfilled which the Lord has spoken through the prophet: 'Behold the virgin shall become pregnant and give birth to a Son, and they shall call His name Emmanuel' - which when translated, means, God with us..." Matthew 1:22-23

The simple truth of Christmas is that this was the only way to bring us back into relationship with God. God become man. In His entire splendour God came as a baby, grew to be a man and walked, talked and fellowshipped with humanity in the person of Jesus – Emmanuel - God with us. And today we can enjoy the presence of God and fellowship with Him through our faith in Jesus. Let's all enjoy Emmanuel - God with us!

Ministry Update: Student Evangelism in Albania

In the first week of November, George had the opportunity to minister with East European Connection (Las Vegas, Nevada) and "Instituti Jeta e Re" team in Tirana for one-to-one student evangelism and soccer ministry. It was a wonderful experience to evangelize, re-connect with Albania and with the Albanian ministry after no less than ten years. I arrived at the airport in Rinas (Tirana) almost not finding my way around. It was amazing! Albania has changed soooo much in these years. 
I praise the Lord for the souls that we touched with this occasion and for the future plans of getting more involved in Albania and short-term ministry. 
Along the way I also realized that God was at work not only through us but also in us: miraculously my Albanian language skills recovered after about ten years without practice. We all saw people coming to the knowledge of the redeeming grace we have in Jesus.

Ministry Update: North-American Romanian and Albanian Ministries

"What is all this Christmas about?" I was recently asked by an Albanian living in Las Vegas. First I could not believed my ears... but the guy really meant that he did not know anything about Christmas. As I continued to explain the good news of Jesus’ coming, I reflected on a plain truth: although we do not realize, there are people living among us in North America that never heard about the celebration of Jesus birth.

It was my joy in this past period to evangelize and serve as a speaker to a few events in Las Vegas and Abbotsford area among Albanians and Romanians. Connecting with diaspora is often a challenge but I feel every moment that God is working among these ethnicities with strong hand.

Pray for us...

Continue to pray for Albania - as God is providing open doors for the Gospel, that the people will continue to come to Christ. Pray for Instituti Jeta e Re and their involvement in student evangelism

Pray for Eastern European Connection (Las Vegas, Nevada) outreach: God is opening new ways to a good community of Eastern Europeans living in Las Vegas. Pray for Jeremy Dollar and for efficient ministry.

Continue to pray for our ministry among refugees, newcomers and Romanians in Abbotsford, BC. May the Lord continue to enlarge his kingdom among the "people of peace". May the nations come to His knowledge. Continue to pray for Dina, pastor Cornel Ardelean's daughter suffering from cancer.

PLEASE SUPPORT OUR MINISTRY: new opportunities for ministering toward refugees, Romanians and Albanians are opening in North-America and abroad. Would you like to be part of our family's ministry? For this Christmas please consider supprting us by donating toward to Eastern European Connection, 101 W. Flamingo Rd. #2012, Las Vegas, NV 89147, USA. Please don't forget to mention "For George Dumitrascu support"