November 26, 2009

Missionary Books

Books changing lives: ‘Building a People of Power’ by Robert Linthicum
Today my friend Gary Klassen from World Vision recalled Linthicum’s book “Building a People of Power” as one of the books that can change lives. All of a sudden I remembered reading it a couple of years ago. I definitely agree with Gary, this book is powerfully and passionately written and can shake some people out of the their established ground.
“Building a People of Power” the follow-up of Linthicum’s equally challenging book “Empowering the Poor”, provides a careful and thorough study of Biblical power and yet remains accessible for most readers. In twelve chapters Linthicum strives to call the church to follow Christ’s example in ministry by being a transformational agent in the world. This call starts first with a correct image of shalom. As he sees it, shalom is the theology of Israel and the early church: it is celebration and good management of the blessings of God; it is deliverance from suffering and oppression. Shalom goes far beyond lack of war concept to the individual-focused transformation that many churches embrace. Therefore, the church must be about transforming all of creation. And this sort of transformation requires wielding power: liberating, transformational, relational, and redemptive power.
Linthicum book is not difficult and provides scriptural and theological support for his arguments and gives readers many examples. The book is full however of philosophical and theological discussions. I found the practical and hands-on advices and tips very useful too. If you start reading it, be prepared to be challenged, inspired, and encouraged. Even more, be prepared to put Linthicum’s ideas into action.
I wholeheartedly recommend “Building a People of Power” for serious Christian practitioners. Our faith has to grow feet and hands to serve the world in need.

November 21, 2009


Back from Romania with a lot of new pictures. Press here to check them out!